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The Most Ridiculous Things About Glamping


One of our favorite funny people, Andy Lassner, tweeted out this gem and we kind of agree

Some horrible things have come from rich white people but none worse than ‘glamping’.
— andy lassner

What is it about glamping that has us scratching our heads? Is it that some people try to combine luxury with kicking it in the sticks or is it more the ridiculous products associated with this outdoor-ish activity? Here’s what irks us the most about glamping:

What type of person goes glamping? According to glamping expert MaryJane Butters, it’s for anyone “unleashing your inner wild while wearing a pair of fishing-lure earrings.” We prefer to think of glampers as people who have trouble deciding between the Ritz and a sleeping bag (or just chic hipsters in a tricked-out caravan in the woods).

FYI glampers — your tent doesn’t need to cost $9,000, look like a miniature version of your home or a personalized version of “you.” Pretty sure outdoor materials are just supposed to be durable, waterproof, and easy to carry. If you think oriental rugs and the right antiques are a necessary part of the outdoor experience — we’re judging you

After choosing between a hotel stay and the dirt floor, it’s also time to choose function over fashion. Sure, you can look adorable on a glamping day trip, but your shoe choice should be based how great they’ll be to wear while hiking in a forest, not because they look like a forest.

Doesn’t setting up camp look fun? Eh, maybe this whole glamping thing has stuck around for a reason… But if we EVER decide to go glamping, we’re going to the Adirondacks and we’re just going to call it “camping.”

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