Orenda Landscape


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Are there bathroom facilities?

The Bathhouse is centrally located on the retreat for easy access. There are two uni-sex bathrooms and a main washbasin within this Adirondack designed charming building.  Fresh hand towels and all natural , bio-degradable hand soap is provided.

Where do we bathe?

Being in the back-country doesn’t mean 20140822_Orenda-web_122045sacrificing the luxury of modern conveniences.  At Orenda it means  embracing the Great Outdoors. while bathing in our open air,  naturally spring fed, fully heated shower house.   All natural, locally made, bio-degradable body wash, shampoo and conditioner is provided by “Kiss My Face”.   Plush towels are provided and refreshed daily.  Please do not bring any other bathing products that are not eco-friendly. Or be adventurous and take a refreshing swim in a nearby pristine mountain lake, making for a great way to end the day.

Can we use our tent in place of Canvas Cabins?20140820_Orenda-web_144052

We do not allow the pitching of personal tents other than used in an educational setting.

What happens in inclement weather?20140822_Orenda-web_090357

Rain or Shine, its all part of the adventure at Orenda.  Orenda’s structures and Canvas Cabins are all weatherproof and spacious for everyone to be comfortable.  A large rain canopy is erected around the base-camp fireplace for all to enjoy. There are many activities to enjoy on and off site during inclement weather.   We also have found it becomes a nice time to connect with you friends and family.
Our staff will be more than willing to provide you options.

Are the Canvas Cabins Heated?

Yes.  All of our Canvas Cabins are equipped with wood burning inspired, electric heating stoves, to provide comfort.

All bedding provided includes  Throw Blankets, Down Comforters, Fleece blankets and linens.  Extra blankets are provided during the cooler months.20140821_Orenda-web_125524


Food & Beverage

Are Alcoholic beverages for sale at Orenda?20140822_Orenda-web_074905

We do not sell or provide alcoholic beverages.  We encourage BYOB during your stay and recommend that you bring enough for your entire stay prior to your arrival.  We have a refrigerator for chilling wine and beer, as well as ice and coolers for your use.


How old do children have to be to participate in activities?20140822_Orenda-web_082225

There is no age requirement for children to visit Orenda or participate in on-site activities.  It is up to the parents to judge the child’s participation level for all activities.  For off-site activities such as rafting, canoeing, kayaking etc. there may be an age requirement set by our local outfitters.  Please see Rafting

Do we have to do the activities listed or can we choose our own?IMG_1355

We can customize your stay to create an amazing adventure.  You are more than welcome to do as you please. We encourage individuality.

Is it required to know how to swim to participate in water activities?20140822_Orenda-web_054527

If you cannot swim, you will be required to wear a life preserver during all water activities.

What classes are available at Orenda?20140821_Orenda-web_150713

If you are looking for basic outdoor instruction we can provide mini classes throughout your stay.  Just let us know what you would like to learn and we can arrange it for you.

Is there someone who can watch the kids or child care available?20140822_Orenda-web_171851

Parents are responsible for their children at all times. We do not provide child care.

What equipment/gear do I need to bring?  And what could you provide?20140820_Orenda-web_082226

We provide you with a complete gear checklist prior to your arrival.  If you do not have certain items we will try to accommodate you or recommend the right product to purchase.  We offer hydration packs, hiking poles, backpacks, fishing poles and headlamps for your use during your stay.

Common Inquiries

Is there cell phone service and/or WiFi?20140820_Orenda_091658

There is limited cell phone service available at Orenda.  WiFi is available. We encourage leaving the technology behind and getting back to nature during your stay. There is a land line for emergency use only.

How far is the nearest town? ATM or Bank?

North Creek is the closest village, just a few minutes away with with many services; bank, medical, pharmacy, grocery store, shopping, and small boutique shops.  It is important to plan ahead and purchase any items that are needed for your stay.

What happens in the case of an Emergency.20140822_Orenda-web_090619

Our staff are certified in basic CPR and First-Aid.  Warrensburg Urgent Care Center or Glens Falls Hospital are the closet medical facilities.  The local Paramedics and First Responders have an amazing response time and are very proficient handling all circumstances in the back-country.  We provide an onsite land line telephone to reach our  24 hr on-call staff or 911 in any event.

Are Animals permitted?IMG_1584

Orenda does permit animals, however they must be well behaved and under control. Pet owners are responsible for their pets and must clean up after them.

We do require a $45.00 one time fee per animal.

Is there wildlife on Orenda?IMG_0104

Orenda is located in the Adirondack back-country, where there is an abundance of wildlife.  We take every precaution to prevent any encounters that are not wanted.  This is their home that we are sharing; as long as we respect our surroundings and their habitat, encounters are very unlikely.


Are there black flies?

Black flies and insects naturally live in the 20140822_Orenda-web_0913161woods. Orenda is in an open wooded setting and depending on the season, you will see a bug or two. That being said, Orenda sits in a fantastic location that naturally discourages flies. Because we sit at the foot of Mill Creek and inside a valley, there is a slight breeze that dries the area and makes it undesirable for bugs. This is all due to the natural layout and region in general. Wood smoke from the cook fires and the main fire pit further deter black flies and other insects in the area.



Are there ticks?20140822_Orenda-web_085947

We at Orenda, have NOT seen any ticks in the area. However, we are following the ongoing studies closely and the Southern Adirondacks have been determined to be the northern edge of their habitat. This means our guests have to be aware of the existence of these insects and do a quick check of themselves after hiking. Precautions can be taken and the Orenda staff are very knowledgeable on the subject.


Are there bear?9385713171_1ae379aa02_h

The Adirondacks are home to the Black Bear. While bear have been spotted in the area, none visit the retreat. Orenda’s cooking and cleaning staff follow a strict cleanliness policy and control where food is stored. Further, these timid creatures tend to avoid humans and Orenda due to our noise and the fires / lights throughout the retreat.

What is your Cancellation Policy?20140820_Orenda-web_112417

Cancellation Policy
– Reservations cancelled 30 days before arrival date will be refunded 90% of total fee, 10% applied for a service fee.
– Reservations cancelled after 30 days to arrival date will forfeit 100% of total fee.
– There is a 5% fee for changing your reservation date.
– There is a 3% fee for reservations cancelled 48 hrs after original booking date.
– All offsite activities are pre-arranged prior to your arrival.  Any activities that are
cancelled 7 days prior to your arrival date or during your stay, will result in 100% forfeiture of total fee if Camp Orenda Ltd cannot obtain a refund from our outfitters.