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One last fling

What’s on your summer bucket list? Check out ours for some end-of-season ideas.

The last day of summer — Sept. 20 — seems pretty far off, if you follow your traditional desk calendar.

But for those of us who go by the school calendar, it’s more like Sept. 3.

And, if you are on the work calendar, well, what summer?

So for the purposes of this article, let’s assume there is about a month of summer left (even if you are a slave to the work calendar, you have weekends, right?!). We’ve come up with a bucket list of what you’ll want to do before summer really does run out.

Go glamping

If you’ve never heard the term “glamping,” Camp Orenda, an authentic Adirondack back country retreat in Johnsburg, gives you a pretty good idea of the trend of camping minus sleeping on the dirty ground, swatting bugs or eating beans out of a pan. I didn’t ask owner David Webb if you could plug in your hair-straightening iron, but just about everything else is covered: canvas tents on wooden platforms, beds, fresh linens and towels, natural locally made soaps, a hot outdoor shower, a backcountry kitchen with a menu of farm-to-table meals and guided activities geared to your individual outdoor skill level. Have you glamped yet this summer? I haven’t but this really makes me want to do it. Camp Orenda, mentioned as one of the top glamping spots in New York by Huffington Post and, is open until Nov. 1. Cost is $145 per person per night.

— Tracy Ormsbee

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