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'Glampers' Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Long popular in Europe, “glamping” (for “glamour camping”) is growing in the United States. When went live two years ago, it listed 10 sites. Now, it promotes 600 locations across the country and overseas, cofounder Ruben Martinez said. Glampers can spend $30 to $3,000 per night to stay in furnished tents on platforms, yurts, tree houses, or tepees. At its most basic, these sites take the hardest work – hauling equipment and setting it up, gathering water and firewood – out of the equation. The higher-end experiences can include five-course breakfasts, cast-iron soaking tubs with hot water in the middle of the woods, on-call butlers, and spa services. “People want to be outdoors, but they want to be comfortable,” Martinez said. “It’s not a normal vacation, and there’s something in this generation where people want to say, ‘Guess what I did. It was awesome, and you’ve never done it before.”
Camp Orenda (top), in New York’s Adirondack Mountains, has “canvas cabins” with queen or twin beds, comforters, linens, and towels, for $170 a night.