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Getting out of Dodge: Leaving NYC to go to NY


Get out and visit things (in the same state) before you grow progressively insane as this NYC winter saga continues.

Getting tired of the speed New Yorkers constantly run on? Want a weekend away, but can’t go too far? We’ve gone out and found four go-to spots (close-ish to the city), so you can get there by EOD. Wave goodbye to the hustle and bustle of fucking rude bustling cab drivers… Throw up deuces to that guy on the train refusing to move over (oh how we glare at him)… Take a breath breath, brush the snow off your shoes and enjoy these vacation spots, which we believe are seemingly made just for you. — NICK STEWART

Adirondacks Mountains

For this spot, it’s all about camping with a cozy center. We’re not to big on the great outdoors here at SHK, but you can be sure that when we heard about “Glamping,” we got interested. For those that are new to the idea, Glamping is glamorous camping. It’s about taking a trip in the woods, but one where you’re not lugging a heavy ass backpack and eating cold beans every meal…ew.  Luckily for you we’ve found one of the few, if not the only, Glamping site on the Northeast coast. It’s called Orenda, and it’s located in the Adirondacks, four hours north of NYC.


At the campsite you won’t be pitching a small tent that will probably blow over at any minute, no, you’ll be staying in a canvas cabin, equipped with a full mattress covered with linens comforters and four cozy as hell pillows. Not to mention a wood burning stove and oh, did we tell you there’s even Wi-Fi?  The cabins are also spread far enough apart so you and your partner can have your privacy. Just you two and a crackling brook.

As for things to do, we’ve always thought it must get pretty boring just chilling around a bunch of trees and bugs, but Orenda surprised us with a pretty big list of activities while you’re there. Choose from a variety of water-based activities, or if you’re trying to stay dry, then take a hike (your homestay will even make you a picnic for it). Speaking of food, we mentioned cold beans earlier didn’t we? Well, they’ve never even heard of cold beans at Orenda (OK so they probably have, but you know what we mean). With three meals a day provided, you’ll want to build up an appetite with that hike or a kayaking trip. We’re talking five course meals here.


At the end of your day, take a shower in heated outdoor showers with some quality stuff that’s readily provided (like Kiss My Face products…).  Once your done with that, you’ve got your very own patio to relax on… Or, just sit out in an opening and check out the stars ’cause that’s what your trip is really about, opening out and letting loose of that steam.

P.S. —  Don’t forget your drinks!  It’s BYOB (but a fridge is provided).