This week’s wanderlust… Camp Orenda

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06/30/2012 Camping without any of the work near Lake George? Um, yes please. With four canvas tents like the one above, that’s just what family-friendly Camp Orenda offers.

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Back-To-Nature Trips 05/11/2012 This 40-acre retreat within the massive Adirondack Park offers a customized experience, depending on your skill level and how much you actually want to commune with the great outdoors.

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Taking the Kids and Making Time for Romance 04/19/2012 We succumbed to the sales pitch for the "romantic," albeit pricey gondola ride early one evening on Venice's famed canals, but our gondolier, decked out in the traditional striped shirt, didn't sing, much less talk to us. I don't think he spoke English and our Italian didn't go beyond buon giorno.

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"A More Glamorous stay in the Wilderness" 03/28/2012 You might think you were enjoying a sumptuous dinner at a high-end restaurant if not for the sounds of the rushing brook and the crackling embers in the fire pit. Welcome to al fresco dining at Orenda, one of the highlights of an all-inclusive back-country camping experience in Johnsburg near Mill Creek and Garnet Lake in the Adirondacks.

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02/27/2012 What do you get when you put two young kids, an overworked father and a high-maintenance wife (love you, honey) into an SUV and send them for a camping trip into the great outdoors? A disaster? It certainly could have been.

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Camp Orenda Featured on National Geographic 07/15/2011 Travel Intelligence: 8 Ways to Sleep Around