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'Glampers' Enjoy The Great Outdoors 09/14/2013 Long popular in Europe, "glamping" (for "glamour camping") is growing in the United States. When went live two years ago, it listed 10 sites. Now, it promotes 600 locations across the country and overseas, cofounder Ruben Martinez said.

Best Fall Getaways in the Hudson Valley (and Nearby) in 2013 09/03/2013 Got a tank of gas? Escape the rat race at one of these five easy-to-reach retreats, each located in a picture-perfect fall setting

The Newest, Most Luxe Camping Spots in the U.S. 08/14/2013 If you can't stand the three B's of roughing it (bugs, bears, and icky bathrooms), we've got a cushy new plan for your next adventure at the best luxury camping spots in the U.S.

Seven Luxury Camping Spots From the Smokies to Big Sur 07/26/2013 Who needs to rough it after a long week at work? These luxury camping spots feature high thread counts, deep-tissue massages, and a s’mores-fetching butler.

Your next romantic getaway? Summer camp 07/18/2013 If the bearded nouveau woodsmen of our moment have one thing right, it’s this: nature is meant to be enjoyed comfortably. Casually. With a flagon of wine and a hike into the woods — if only as far as your chocolate-covered blueberries from Trader Joe’s will take you.

World's 30 Most Glamorous Camping Destinations for Food 06/28/2013 When you think of your most memorable meal, you probably aren’t recalling one you had while camping. But that’s about to change.

37 things a mans gotta do this summer-Orenda rated #32 06/21/2013 Camp orenda at Adirondack State Park This is how summer camp for adults is done. Plush accommodations, top-notch chow and more wilderness adventures than you can shake a wigwam at.

14 Weekend Getaways (No Plane Required!) 06/07/2013 Recently recognized by The New York Times as one of The 46 Places To Go In 2013, Camp Orenda is an all-inclusive Authentic Adirondack Outdoor Retreat. Perfect for both the beginning and the seasoned camper, Orenda offers the ideal glamping — glamorous camping, of course — experience.

Outdoors: Camping for those who don’t want to rough it! 06/06/2013 Interested in sleeping under the stars but not on the ground? Love a good campfire but not intrigued by cooking over one? Looking for solitude but not willing to hike for miles with a heavy pack to find it?