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An Entire Campground Dedicated To ‘Glamping’ In The Adirondacks


Do you love the outdoors, but hate having to set up a tent and deal with cooking over a fire? Well then Camp Orenda is for you.

Located in the south eastern Adirondacks near the village of Johnsburg, Camp Orenda is the perfect mix of rustic and luxury.

Forget the tents and poles and leave the cooler full of hamburger patties behind, because at Camp Orenda that’s all taken care of for you!

Camp Orenda features canvas cabins that come complete with a queen or two twin sized beds, a heater for cold nights, plenty of light and even multiple electrical outlets for your tablets and other electronics.

The best part is you don’t even have to do the cooking.

Camp Orenda is all-inclusive, so you simply have to show up to dinner at their back country kitchen where all meals are prepared in dutch ovens or on cast-iron skillets over open flames.

Showers are as unique as the rest of the campground. You’ll find them outdoors with rustic open-air private stalls that let you enjoy washing up in the middle of the woods.

Don’t bother bringing your own bathing products, you’ll be provided with bio-degradable personal care products from ‘Kiss My Face,’ that won’t harm the surrounding environment.

And don’t worry, the bathrooms are indoors with multiple unisex units that even have heated seats.

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