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Corporate Outings




Outdoor Camping Retreat 

Have your team connect with a backcountry experience. Join in with cooking, forest management projects, guided team hikes, whitewater rafting (to be arranged) or just plain relaxation by the camp fire. Orenda is a 40-acre private retreat, offering six custom-built canvas cabins for 15 persons total.  Please contact us to discuss options of bringing larger groups.


Team Building for Small Business

Can’t afford fancy retreats? Looking for something different and fun at reasonable rates? Want to connect with the outdoors? Want to build your team?

Camp Orenda offers your team something special and different. Come and enjoy the experience and adventures of a Backcountry Retreat.

As a small business,  we believe that developing staff strength of character is the backbone of a successful business. Being together, working together, and experiencing together a backcountry adventure is one of the joys we offer at Camp Orenda.

Sometimes just leaving your comfort zone and learning more about your  strengths and weaknesses are what you’ll achieve through our adventure retreat.

Our approach to working with groups is different from the normal idea of team building and retreats. Your success and development are gained through being in the backcountry. From an easy stroll through the forest, to the scaling of the side of a mountain, to an evening at base camp around a fire puts you in a different mindset. You will appreciate your hard work at the end of the day.

Making things simple, keeping things focused, making them fun and achieving results are what we consider team building in the backcountry. The experience is tailored to your interests, comfort level and capabilities. We don’t put your team in a situation they can’t achieve but we also believe that folks need to be pushed a little to build strength of character.


Contact Orenda for Details or how we can customize your outing.