Social Distancing in the Adirondacks at Orenda

Social Distancing in the Outdoors at Orenda


Distance. Whether it be social or emotional, distance is a subject that has become very popular, and arguably needed, at this time. At Camp Orenda, distance is something that we have always sought to provide. While this does not mean that we want to distance ourselves from others at Orenda, rather we strive to give people the distance that they need. Part of the ‘glamor’ of glamping is to give people the luxury of spending time with those they love without the worries of the outside world. We believe that nature is what gives us all the answer to what we need. Why we seek nature during hard times. Our mission has been to give people an outdoor experience where they can be in a safe, secure, and beautiful environment and this mission remains even in the current times we live in.

At this time, the outdoors is needed more than ever. Our Adirondack mountains, trails and rivers are the place to be. These resources are still available for people to take advantage of. Social distancing in the outdoors is what the outdoors is made for. For peaceful sights and sounds during times of chaos, for breathtaking views and awe-inspiring moments that make you stop and truly listen to the environment you’re in. Nature needs us as much as we need it. It’s time to get back.