Romantic Getaways in the Outdoors at Orenda

Romantic Getaways in the Outdoors at Orenda


For many, the outdoors can provide a secluded environment to spend time with one’s friends or loved ones. Activities like camping, hiking, and canoeing can bring people together in a peaceful place with only the sounds of nature as company.

Orenda has been praised by many media outlets as a quintessential romantic getaway. Our cozy canvas cabins, relaxing seating areas by our fire, and home-style meal times could be part of this praise. Part of Orenda’s mission is to allow people time for themselves without the busyness that can come with large retreats. We strive to create an environment where people can choose what they’d like to do with their time at our retreat, whether it be hiking, biking, paddling, or just relaxing in our hammocks by our creek.

Many couples who have come to Orenda have praised it as the ultimate place for couples to stay. Some have said that they have fallen in love with one another all over again thanks to our retreat. We want Orenda to be a place where people create memories of their outdoor vacation. We hope that these memories of our Adirondack resort stay for a lifetime.