Plan Your Romantic Camping Getaway at Orenda


A romantic camping getaway is one of the most relaxing and tranquil vacations you can take with your loved one. Connect in nature with breathtaking panoramic views, cool lakes and river waters, and a carefully selected secluded location, it’s hard not to feel romantic at Orenda. So what makes a romantic Adirondack camping getaway at Orenda truly special? A mix of great adventures, great company, and great hospitality, all in a setting intentionally prepared with hospitality, and YOU in mind.

Why choose Orenda for your romantic camping getaway?

Orenda is conveniently located in Johnsburg, NY, just a few hour drive from New York City, Boston, and right at the foot of the picturesque Adirondack high peaks. This unique combination of natural beauty is perfect for your romantic camping getaway with your loved one. Experience hiking in a private setting, kayak together on a calm-as-glass lake, and end the day indulging with wine or cocktails by the fire. If you’re not sure what activities to take your loved one on, ask us and we will gladly point you in the right direction based on your interests. You can also see some of our favorites here.

At Orenda, our on site chef is always serving gourmet cuisine. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, or a meal prepared you for you to take on your backcountry adventure, our team uses locally grown food, tastefully prepared ingredients. Some of our favorites include center cut pork chops with a rosemary infusion, dutch oven roasted famous pulled pork, and our famous Blue Mountain burger topped with blue cheese. All our meals are prepared over an open flame, giving you healthy options that you’re sure to love.

Heading off site for a romantic day trip? No problem. We pack lunches so you can take meals with you on the go and enjoy at one of the many romantic Adirondack hiking spots.

The details matter to us.

To make your romantic camping getaway special, we pride ourselves on the little things. Our hospitality approach is aimed at providing you with personalized attention, without getting in your way. Whether it’s a special romantic dinner on your anniversary, or putting together the perfect day trip with your loved one, we love helping make your stay special. Want to surprise your loved one with a special idea? We’ll work with you to ensure everything is perfect. Looking for a romantic getaway for your wedding anniversary, engagement, or honeymoon, Schedule your stay at Orenda today and give us a call so we can help put together the perfect romantic getaway for you and your loved one.