Cast Iron Cooking At Orenda

Cast Iron Cooking At Orenda


When our guests are given their welcoming orientation at Orenda, they usually ask us one question; “How do you make your food taste so good?” The answer? Cast Iron. Cast Iron cooking at Orenda is the main ingredient of our authentic Orenda cuisine. This is seen at our Rustic ‘Post and Beam’ backcountry Kitchen, where we have all our cast iron pans displayed for our guests viewing. Many of our pans have been passed down to us by Adirondack Locals and friends, and some pans date back to the 19th century!

Cast Iron cookware is a universal cooking material that can be used for any type of cuisine. This type of cookware increased in popularity in the past few years as many people have realized the quality and unique taste that cooking in cast iron produces. This popularity can also be attributed to the authenticity of cast iron when used with rustic recipes, and the fact that cast iron can last decades, even centuries. The iron and steel material is durable, and when treated and seasoned correctly, can make any backcountry meal taste delicious.

At Orenda, cast iron brands like Griswold & Wagner, and Lodge are some of our favorite brands to use. Some of our most loved meals are made with our cast iron, like our dutch-oven harvest breads, savory pulled pork (served every Saturday!), and our classic frittata’s. We hope that you’ll love our authentic Adirondack Glamping cuisine and our cast iron cooking at Orenda.